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◆ If poverty is the mother of crime, then stupidity is its father.
- 99
◆ A rich man with his power only worships his wealth...but a poor man with his faith believes in GOD
- Mercy Pheona99
◆ The difference between a rich man and a poor one depends upon the hand whether it gives or receives.
- Vikrant Parsai99
◆ Count your riches by the abundance of Love in your heart for Hatred is a sure sign of Poverty.
- Terry Mark99
◆ There is no poverty where there is character, and no wealth or honor where character is missing.
- Vikrant Parsai99
◆ If the misery of the poor, be caused not by the laws, of nature, but by our Institutions, GREAT is our SIN!
- Charles Darwin99
◆ Sometimes, I want to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when he could be doing something about it, but I'm afraid he might ask me the same question.
- Abdul Baha99
◆ Never insult those who are Poor or Ugly,They are the reason YOU look rich and good!
- Abhishek Tiwari99
◆ The best part about growing up with no money is that you know how to have fun without it.
- 99
◆ In prosperity, GOD tests our gratitude; in poverty, our contentment; in darkness, our faith; at all times our obedience! GOD Bless You!
- Azgraybebly Josland99
◆ If You Are Born Poor Than This Is not Your mistake But If you Die Poor Than This Is Your Mistake.
- 99
◆ Rich people stay rich by living like they're broke...broke people stay broke by living like they're rich.
- 99
◆ Being born with riches doesn't mean you will be rich, and being born broke doesn't mean you will be poor, life is rolling coaster, it turns where you least expected.
- Blaze Olamiday99
◆ Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.
- Doris Day99
◆ The people starve because those above them eat too much tax-grain. That is the only reason why they starve.
- Lao Tzu99

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