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◆ Look at that sea, girls--all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.
- L.M. Montgomery99
◆ The mass of the rich and the poor are differentiated by their incomes and nothing else,and the average millionaire is only the average dishwasher dressed in a new suit.
- George Orwell98
◆ You say you care about the poor? Tell me their names.
- Craig Greenfield98
◆ Indolent and unworthy the beggar may be—but that is not your concern: It is better, said Joseph Smith, to feed ten impostors than to run the risk of turning away one honest petition.
- Hugh Nibley98
◆ The educated man pictures a horde of submen, wanting only a day's liberty to loot his house, burn his books, and set him to work minding a machine or sweeping out a lavatory. 'Anything,' he thinks, 'any injustice, sooner than let that mob loose.' He does not see that since there is no difference between the mass of rich and poor, there is no question of setting the mob loose. The mob is in fact loose now, and--in the shape of rich men--is using its power to set up enormous treadmills of boredom, such as 'smart' hotels.
- George Orwell98
◆ And, conversely, she went on to herself, sneering at the Grand Duke's palace, poverty is wasted on the poor, who never know how to make the best of things, are only the rich without money, are just as useless at looking after themselves, can't handle their cash just like the rich can't, always squandering it on bright, pretty, useless things in just the same way.
- Angela Carter98
◆ Back in Russia we were dirt-poor. Here in the West we are still poor but have risen above the dirt to tower alongside stalks of grass!
- Vera Nazarian98
◆ Mother Teresa would seek no other pulpit than the hovels of the poor, and no other sermon than her works of love, performed for the unloved, in God's name.
- Joseph Langford98
◆ The bread which you withhold belongs to the hungry; the clothing you shut away, to the naked: and the money you bury in the earth is the redemption and freedom of the penniless.
- Decretum Gratiani98
◆ (So I heard the boom of my fathr's rifle when he shot my best friend.) A bullet only costs about two cents, and anybody can afford that.(14)
- Sherman Alexie98
◆ When I see a poor person I think of me, and then I think, maybe I should pay my clones for all the work they do for me. Then I think, nah, they're only slaves. Through my clones, I am a slave to myself.?
- Jarod Kintz98
◆ This is the basis for the most important critique of microfinance. The poor are not entrepreneurs. The idea that more than a few will turn tiny loans into a viable business is simply unrealistic.
- Ian Smillie98
◆ Toa msaada katika jamii iliyosaidia kukulea ulipokuwa mdogo.
- Enock Maregesi98
◆ Rich people read their bills. Poor people dread theirs.
- Mokokoma Mokhonoana98
◆ If life really begins at forty, then all poor people die in their teens.
- Mokokoma Mokhonoana98

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