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◆ He wouldn't call a glass of water half full or half empty; he'd assume it was poisoned and run away.
- Michael Reisman98
◆ When a man is overcome by anger, he has a poisoned fever. He loses his strength, he loses his power over himself and over others. He throws away time in which he might have gained the end he desires. The is no time for anger in the world. - The Ancient One
- Frances Hodgson Burnett98
◆ When the great ship containing the hopes and aspirations of the world, when the great ship freighted with mankind goes down in the night of death, chaos and disaster, I am willing to go down with the ship. I will not be guilty of the ineffable meanness of paddling away in some orthodox canoe. I will go down with the ship, with those who love me, and with those whom I have loved. If there is a God who will damn his children forever, I would rather go to hell than to go to heaven and keep the society of such an infamous tyrant. I make my choice now. I despise that doctrine. It has covered the cheeks of this world with tears. It has polluted the hearts of children, and poisoned the imaginations of men. It has been a constant pain, a perpetual terror to every good man and woman and child. It has filled the good with horror and with fear; but it has had no effect upon the infamous and base. It has wrung the hearts of the tender; it has furrowed the cheeks of the good. This doctrine never should be preached again. What right have you, sir, Mr. clergyman, you, minister of the gospel, to stand at the portals of the tomb, at the vestibule of eternity, and fill the future with horror and with fear? I do not believe this doctrine: neither do you. If you did, you could not sleep one moment. Any man who believes it, and has within his breast a decent, throbbing heart, will go insane. A man who believes that doctrine and does not go insane has the heart of a snake and the conscience of a hyena.
- Robert G. Ingersoll98
◆ Take him away. Prepare a feast. Forget nothing. My crown: the golden cutlery. The poison bottles; and the fumes; the wreaths of ivy and the bloody joints; the chains; the bowl of nettles; the spices; the baskets of fresh grass; the skulls and spines; the ribs and shoulder-blades. Forget nothing or, by the blindness of my sockets, I will have your hearts out. Take him away...
- Mervyn Peake98
◆ Vous avez du poison au coeur, mademoiselle.
- Carlos Ruiz Zafón98
◆ They are trying to take you back from me now, and they will—but only for a brief, little while—
- Maryrose Wood98
◆ Our minds have been poisoned and our accepted beliefs are unnatural and artificial.
- Bryant McGill98
◆ Words can be medicines; they can also be poisons. Words can heal; they can also kill... It all depends on how, when and where they are use and against whom! Let us not abuse our words. It's a misuse of the tongue!
- Israelmore Ayivor98
◆ In my carpet bag are the mushrooms that I gathered in the woods. With two fingers I pick up a piece and look at it. Then I take a bite and wait for my body to react. Now I'm in a better mood. In a short time I'll be dead. Or alive. I'm not always sure that there's any difference.
- Peter H. Fogtdal98
◆ The few cures we have recorded could be multiplied many times over, many of them experienced by people who had failed to find relief through conventional medical treatment. If a story from Scotland is to be believed, the success of one holy well, St. Drostan's at Newdosk (Angus), was so distasteful to the local doctors that they decided to poison the well. When the people heard of their intention, they banded together to attack and kill the doctors!
- Colin Bord98
◆ It's late and most of the clerks are at home in their beds, dreaming of swimming in pools filled with real money.
- Carla H Krueger98
◆ You need a father figure in your life.
- Carla H Krueger98
◆ Without pride, man becomes a parasite – and there are already too many parasites.
- Carla H Krueger98
◆ To Kalist, Baumauer's just a timber bridge in need of a good hot fire.
- Carla H Krueger98
◆ Obelm?ker always suspected Kalist of being a driven man with a determined selfishness that verged on sociopathic, but he actually appears to be suffering for once, in a humane way, like one who has been driven and selfish previously, but has slowly started to see the gigantic error of his ways.
- Carla H Krueger98

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