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◆ I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own.
- Kurt Cobain99
◆ Everyone has a sense of humor. If you don't laugh at jokes, you probably laugh at opinions.
- Criss Jami99
◆ I am tired of people saying that poor character is the only reason people do wrong things. Actually, circumstances cause people to act a certain way. It's from those circumstances that a person's attitude is affected followed by weakening of character. Not the reverse. If we had no faults of our own, we should not take so much pleasure in noticing those in others and judging their lives as either black or white, good or bad. We all live our lives in shades of gray.
- Shannon L. Alder99
◆ People leave imprints on our lives, shaping who we become in much the same way that a symbol is pressed into the page of a book to tell you who it comes from. Dogs, however, leave paw prints on our lives and our souls, which are as unique as fingerprints in every way.
- Ashly Lorenzana99
◆ True friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them.
- Michael Bassey Johnson99
◆ One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.
- Shannon L. Alder99
◆ An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.
- Brian Tracy99
◆ Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings, and to forgive quickly.
- Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik99
◆ How often, you wonder, has the direction of your life been shaped by such misunderstandings? How many opportunities have you been denied--or, for that matter, awarded--because someone failed to see you properly? How many friends have you lost, how many have you gained, because they glimpsed some element of your personality that shone through for only an instant, and in circumstances you could never reproduce? An illusion of water shimmering at the far bend of a highway.
- Kevin Brockmeier99
◆ I wish people weren't so set on being themselves, when that means being a bastard.
- Robertson Davies99
◆ Contrary to what you may have heard from Henry Rollins or/and Ian MacKaye and/or anyone else who joined a band after working in an ice cream shop, you can't really learn much about a person based on what kind of music they happen to like. As a personality test, it doesn't work even half the time. However, there is at least one thing you can learn: The most wretched people in the word are those who tell you they like every kind of music 'except country.' People who say that are boorish and pretentious at the same time.
- Chuck Klosterman99
◆ The personality susceptible to the dream of limitless freedom is a personality also prone, should the dream ever sour, to misanthropy and rage.
- Jonathan Franzen99
◆ When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.
- Shannon L. Alder99
◆ Strangers think I'm quiet. My friends think I'm outgoing. My best friends know that I'm completely insane.
- 99
◆ Every girl has five personalties. 1.How she acts at school. 2.How she acts around her friends. 3. How she acts around family. 4. How she acts when she is with him. 5.How she acts when she's alone.
- 99

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