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◆ Know who you are, and be it. Know what you want, and go out and get it!
- Carroll Bryant99
◆ What the society thinks is of no interest to me. All that's important is how I see myself. I know who who I am. I know the value of my work.
- Robin S. Sharma99
◆ Your inner strength is your outer foundation
- Allan Rufus99
◆ If pain doesn't lead to humility, you have wasted your suffering.
- Katerina Stoykova Klemer99
◆ People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.
- Timothy Ferriss99
◆ Part of abandoning the all-or-nothing mentality is allowing yourself room for setbacks. We are bound to have lapses on the road to health and wellness, but it is critical that we learn how to handle small failures positively so that we can minimize their long-term destructive effects. One setback is one setback—it is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your journey toward a better you.
- Jillian Michaels99
◆ Live with Fulfillment, Serve with Passion so in this Lifetime you will have the ablility to Die with NO Regrets.
- Randy Gonzales99
◆ To become a master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.
- Maurice Young99
◆ Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought
- Napoleon Hill99
◆ Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith. Remember, the leap is not about getting from one side to the other. It's simply about taking the leap....and trusting the air, the universal breath, will support your wings so that you may soar.
- Kristi Bowman99
◆ Your life is a trajectory. Every choice you make alters that trajectory, in a positive or negative way. Will you categorize that dinner with friends as a business expense? Will you be honest with your daughter? Will you take more credit than you're due? These are just the small questions that we face every day, and little by little, the answers influence the trajectory of our lives and beings.
- Donald Van de Mark99
◆ In the voyage of your worldly existence, the sails at which your life float upon, are tethered by the thoughts and emotions that which you harbor. Expand.
- Will Barnes99
◆ You Have the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams!
- Tae Yun Kim99
◆ You can dramatize your ideas in business or in any other aspect of your life. It's easy
- Dale Carnegie99
◆ Integrity is the sound follow through of your heart, and an important part in the process of manifesting what it is that you aspire to. If you say that you are going to do something, do it. If you fail to complete the task at hand, or fulfill a promise you made, you are not operating at the right frequency. Don't lie to yourself and to others, follow through. Complete yourself, Expand your consciousness.
- Will Barnes99

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