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◆ Darling, when things go wrong in life, you lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail...
- Sophie Kinsella100
◆ Some girls get swept up in the lifestyle-clubbing and partying with celebrities. You can't live your life like that, though. It's fake.
- gemma ward99
◆ Sexual frenzy is our compensation for the tedious moments we must suffer in the passage of life. 'Nothing in excess,' professed the ancient Greeks. Why if I spend half the month in healthy scholarship and pleasant sleep, shouldn't I be allowed the other half to howl at the moon and pillage the groins of Europe's great beauties?
- Roman Payne99
◆ Grab it while you can because tomorrow could suck you dry.
- Nora Roberts99
◆ Have love for your inner Self and everything else is done for you.
- Amit Ray99
◆ She makes life over, he realized. She controls life, whereas I just sit on my can and let it happen to me.
- Philip K. Dick99
◆ Do not live in the shadow of the masters for ever. Learn to live in the light of your soul. Life deserves full expression.
- Amit Ray99
◆ In my food world, there is no fear or guilt, only joy and balance. So no ingredient is ever off-limits. Rather, all of the recipes here follow my Usually-Sometimes-Rarely philosophy. Notice there is no Never.
- Ellie Krieger99
◆ Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.
- Amit Ray99
◆ Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding.
- Amit Ray99
◆ Just like your body and lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy, the same is true with your beliefs. Your beliefs can be your medicine or your poison.
- Steve Maraboli99
◆ She lived frugally, but her meals were the only things on which she deliberately spent her money. She never compromised on the quality of her groceries, and drank only good-quality wines.
- Haruki Murakami99
◆ Learn to enjoy the way as much as you would enjoy when you reach the destination.
- Sakshi Chetana99
◆ If a person's life objective has been endorsed by his inner call, then he is bound to repeatedly fail and fall for he is scaling up the wall which is very tall and that's not an easy job for anyone at all.
- Anuj Somany99
◆ The quality of a person's life is the sum total of the character, good or not so good, of the people whom he has inspired and motivated, directly and indirectly, with his living standard and lifestyle.
- Anuj Somany99

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