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◆ Give me just enough information so that I can lie convincingly.
- Stephen King100
◆ Take the dead from the dead, the old proverb said; only a corpse may speak true prophecy.
- Stephen King99
◆ Sometimes it takes a lowly, title-less man to humble the world. Kings, rulers, CEOs, judges, doctors, pastors, they are already expected to be greater and wiser.
- Criss Jami99
◆ Seven, Richie thought. That's the magic number. There has to be seven of us. That's the way it's supposed to be.
- Stephen King99
◆ I once knew a man who was heir to the throne of a great kingdom, he lived as a ranger and fought his destiny to sit on a throne but in his blood he was a king. I also knew a man who was the king of a small kingdom, it was very small and his throne very humble but he and his people were all brave and worthy conquerors. And I knew a man who sat on a magnificent throne of a big and majestic kingdom, but he was not a king at all, he was only a cowardly steward. If you are the king of a great kingdom, you will always be the only king though you live in the bushes. If you are the king of a small kingdom, you can lead your people in worth and honor and together conquer anything. And if you are not a king, though you sit on the king's throne and drape yourself in many fine robes of silk and velvet, you are still not the king and you will never be one.
- C. JoyBell C.99
◆ Chess is all about getting the king into check, you see. It's about killing the father. I would say that chess has more to do with the art of murder than it does with the art of war.
- Arturo Pérez-Reverte99
◆ Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.
- Thomas Paine99
◆ For a moment he felt a wild hope: perhaps this really was a nightmare. Perhaps he would awake in his own bed, bathed in sweat, shaking, maybe even crying . . . but alive. Safe. Then he pushed the thought away. Its charm was deadly, its comfort fatal.
- Stephen King99
◆ that the book is really good. and theres a prince in it to.
- Gail Carson Levine99
◆ if the selflessness of phenomena is analyzed and if this analysis is cultivated, it causes the effect of attaining nirvana. through no other cause does one come to peace.
- Gautama Buddha99
◆ And I would die for any one of mine.
- King Leonidas99
◆ Craziness is only a matter of degree, and there are lots of people besides me who have the urge to roll heads. They go to stock-car races and the horror movies and the wrestling matches they have in Portland Expo. Maybe what she said smacked of all those things, but I admired her for saying out loud, all the same--the price of honesty is always high. She had an admirable grasp of the fundamentals. Besides, she was tiny and pretty.
- Richard Bachman99
◆ But where, says some, is the King of America? I'll tell you. Friend, he reigns above, and doth not make havoc of mankind like the Royal Brute of Britain.
- Thomas Paine99
◆ There is no reason why a king should be rich or a rich man should be a king, no reason at all.
- Gertrude Stein99
◆ those which are produced from causes are not produced. they do not have an inherent nature of production. those which depend on causes are said to be empty; those who know emptiness are aware.
- Gautama Buddha99

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