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◆ I don't think a tough question is disrespectful.
- Helen Thomas100
◆ Media is a word that has come to mean bad journalism
- Graham Greene100
◆ There is much to be said in favour of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.
- Oscar Wilde99
◆ There is a huge difference between journalism and advertising. Journalism aspires to truth. Advertising is regulated for truth. I'll put the accuracy of the average ad in this country up against the average news story any time.
- Jef I Richards99
◆ Journalists are like whores; as high as their ideals may be, they still have to resort to tricks to make money
- Pierce Thorne99
◆ A news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has color and life - what people are interested in. That's journalism.
- Burton Rascoe99
◆ There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil - remain detached from the great
- Walter Lippmann99
◆ In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right
- Ellen Goodman99
◆ Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read
- Frank Zappa99
◆ I hope we never live to see the day when a thing is as bad as some of our newspapers make it
- Will Rogers99
◆ Generally speaking, the best people nowadays go into journalism, the second best into business, the rubbish into politics and the shits into law
- Auberon Waugh99
◆ Journalism largely consists of saying "Lord Jones is Dead" to people who never knew that Lord Jones was alive.
- G K Chesterton99
◆ Journalism is in fact history on the run.
- Thomas Griffith99
◆ Journalism's ultimate purpose [is] to inform the reader, to bring him each day a letter from home and never to permit the serving of special interests.
- Arthur Ochs Sulzberger99
◆ There can be no press freedom when journalists exist in conditions of corruption, poverty and fear.
- Aidan White99

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