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◆ I want to read the employment section of the Bible. I think it's simply called Job.
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
- Jimmy Johnson99
◆ After losing my job, I felt the only options available to me were razors, cyanide, or a shot to the face, until Renaldo, being the good friend that he is, reminded me how to tie a noose.?
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ Apparently I lack some particular perversion which today's employer is seeking.
- John Kennedy Toole99
◆ If money's the god people worship, I'd rather go worship the devil instead.
- Jess C. Scott99
◆ I think that my job is to observe people and the world, and not to judge them. I always hope to position myself away from so-called conclusions. I would like to leave everything wide open to all the possibilities in the world.
- Haruki Murakami99
◆ That's when I first learned that it wasn't enough to just do your job, you had to have an interest in it, even a passion for it.
- Charles Bukowski99
◆ Everybody has something, that one thing they must do to feel happy. I think this is yours, and I want you to be happy. You don't have to do it, but it's here if you choose to come back to it.
- Ilona Andrews99
◆ I don't want to work a 9-5 job, because 20 hours a day is just too much.
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ I like to reinvent myself — it's part of my job.
- Karl Lagerfeld99
◆ I'm a man of leisure. That's because I have an English degree and can't get a job.?
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ A part-time worker is fully employed, half the time. In other words, they are part-time unemployees.
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ Most people think, when they're young, that they're going to the top of their chosen world, and that the climb up is only a formality. Without that faith, I suppose, they might never start. Somewhere on the way they lift their eyes to the summit and know they aren't going to reach it; and happiness then is looking down and enjoying the view they've got, not envying the one they haven't.
- Dick Francis99
◆ I had to quit my taxi cab driving job because I had no way to get to work. The problem was I kept calling myself to come pick me up.
- Jarod Kintz99
◆ If I were a taxi cab driver, as lots of writers supposedly are, and my boss were to tell me that I couldn't read on the job, I'd obediently go around running every STOP sign.
- Jarod Kintz99

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