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◆ Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
- Aldous Huxley100
◆ I don't know what's worse. People who talk bad about their friends, or people who know they have fake friends but still keep them around.
- Jazmin Garcia100
◆ Before you hate on me take a GOOD LOOK at you. Don't you have something BETTER to do? Seems to me you just don't understand IGNORANCE and JEALOUSY go hand in hand.
- 99
◆ Those who speak the loudest often have nothing to say...
- John Reyes99
◆ You ignore me? I will ignore you. If you don't start the conversation, we won't talk. If you don't put in the effort. Why should I?
- 99
◆ You complain about being lonely, but when I was there for you, you completely ignored me.
- 99
◆ If you refuse to drink from the fountain of knowledge, you'll die of thirst in the desert of ignorance!
- 99
◆ On internet you can be anything you want, its strange that so many people choose to be stupid...
- 99
◆ While you're ignoring her, another guy is giving her attention... and while you're giving her problems, another guy is listening
- 99
◆ You can ignore me for as long as you want, but you can never change the memories that I brought to your life.
- 99
◆ Sometimes you have to just ignore and pray for the ignorant.
- 99
◆ I'm glad to see you're not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.
- 99
◆ Space is as infinite as we can imagine, and expanding this perspective is what adjusts humankinds focus on conquering our true enemies, the formidable foes: ignorance and limitation.
- Vanna Bonta99
◆ The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.
- Benjamin Franklin99
◆ All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.
- Mark Twain99

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