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◆ Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.
- J.M. Barrie100
◆ This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go. I love you
- Hussein Nishah100
◆ So, this is it huh? No more I love you, hugs, kisses, or cuddling? Its time for us to say goodbye? For good? Are you happy? Not even the least bit sad? Heartbroken? Hurt? Did you cry the way I did last night? Stay up wondering if this is what you really wanted? Hating yourself for letting each other go? I guess ill never truly know. when you wake up and read this, if theres no slightest bit of hope for us, dont bother texting back. or even thinking about me. Erase my number, erase the memories, erase every little thing we used to be. You have no reason to hold on, if theres no more you and me.
- 99
◆ Its not the Goodbyes that hurt, Its the flashbacks that follow.
- 99
◆ It's time for me to let you go, I held on for so long but for what? You cheated, lied, played games, broke promises, and most of all you destroyed me. You tried to come back when things were going bad between you two, but not this time. You know, you were my love, my life, my everything, I guess that wasn't enough. Now you realize what you once had, as well know you'll never get it back. I tried to be friends with you after everything we been through, but that wasn't enough either. I put myself through pain and misery just to have you apart of my life, in return I got nothing. You'll always have a place in my heart but just know you can't ever have all of it. You lost something good and I'll gain someone better. I was once here for you but now I'm done. Now its time for me to say goodbye and I wish the best for you and pray things get better in the future.
- Mahmoud El Hallab99
◆ Goodbye text books, hello texting. Goodbye class rooms, hello beach. Goodbye sneakers, hello flip flops. Goodbye school, hello summer 2012.
- 99
◆ Have a nice life. I am done trying to be in it.
- 99
◆ Forever has 7 letters, but so does goodbye....
- 99
◆ One of the most painful goodbyes is when you know that the next time you meet, the hello won't be the same.
- 99
◆ If someone constantly makes you unhappy, then you must build up the courage to let that person go. Your memories will always live on, but it's time to move on.
- 99
◆ Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.
- 99
◆ Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would I'd never leave.
- Winnie The Pooh99
◆ A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.
- Helen Rowland99
◆ You and I will meet again, When we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again
- Tom Petty99
◆ May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
- Irish Blessings99

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