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◆ Don't play hard to get when your face is already hard to want.
- 99
◆ Being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly.
- 99
◆ Some people treat love like a video game, they play them and when they get bored they cheat.
- 99
◆ Girls are like Pokemon, it doesn't matter how good you are, you can't catch any if you don't have any balls.
- 99
◆ Athletes get emotional over sports all the time because its not just a game, it's life.
- Maria Micah Rosales99
◆ When a bird hits your window have you ever wondered if God is playing angry birds with you??
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ Life is like a game, there could be many players.If you don't play with them,they'll play with you.
- Adolf Hitler99
◆ IF love is a game, it has to be the hardest game in the world.After all how can anyone win a game with no rules.
- Samantha Skye99
◆ Life's a game, but it's not fair, I break the rules because I don't care, so I keep doing my own thing, walking tall against the rain...
- Rihanna99
◆ If a person in YOUR life has more problems than a math book, more drama than a screenplay, and more game plays than a football playbook, then before you are driven to tears like in the movie The Notebook, let them go.
- Eugene Nathaniel Butler99
◆ Somewhere behind the athlete you have become, and hours if practice is a little girl who picked up a ball, fell in love with the game, and never looked back
- 99
◆ Some people cheat their way through life. They cheat on tests in school. Cheat on girlfriends/boyfriends then graduate to cheating on wives/husbands. They cheat on taxes and many times shortchange their own kids. Life becomes one big game, but once YOU realized the game is rigged and let go, they over.
- Eugene Nathaniel Butler99
◆ I don't wanna to play this game anymore.
- 99
◆ Stop Falling, stop listening, stop texting back, stop worrying. Stop getting your hopes up, stop telling yourself this one's different. You have heard this story time and time before, and you know how it ends. He's playing that game and you are losing.
- 99
◆ Karma is when you throw a banana in Mario Kart and you end up slipping on it.
- 99

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