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◆ You have to dream before your dreams can come true.
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam100
◆ Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
- Langston Hughes100
◆ A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
- Oscar Wilde100
◆ There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
- Robert Kennedy100
◆ If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.
- Les Brown100
◆ Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.
- Gloria Steinem100
◆ I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later.
- Mitch Hedberg100
◆ When you have a dream that you can't let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you're willing to do that.
- Harvey Mackay100
◆ The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
- Sarah Ban Breathnach100
◆ My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.
- Abraham Lincoln100
◆ I'd rather lose myself in passion than lose my passion.
- Jacques Mayol100
◆ Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream.
- Hugh Hefner99
◆ For a dreamer, night's the only time of day.
- From The Movie Newsies99
◆ I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I'm marrying my dreams.
- 99
◆ During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.
- 2Pac99

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