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◆ Life goes on... whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could've been.
- 99
◆ Love is always a gamble, but waiting won't change the dice. Either you roll them or you lose your turn.
- Anurag Prakash Ray99
◆ If you're not brave enough to take the first step, then you'll never know how far you can go.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ Old enough to see that it's wrong, young enough to do it anyway!
- Abhishek Tiwari99
◆ Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide.
- Swami Vivekananda99
◆ Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Don't wait because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be ever again.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ When you really love someone, there is no amount of distance between you two that can stop you from loving him or her. Real love doesn't just fade away or turn off like the switching on and off of a light, even though many of us would like for it to when things start to go wrong, or when the love you feel is causing you pain, but we must remember that there are always risks in giving someone your heart.
- 99
◆ To truly love something, you must first give it a chance to fail. If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever. Distance is pure proof of this, and forever we will love if we survive.
- 99
◆ Want to be happy? Be who you are not what others want you to be. Stay positive and stand strong against the negative! Take chances and opportunities as they come up because they may not stay long or come again. Focus on what you truly care about. Remember failure isn't the end of something it's just an example of how not to do or get what you want! Lastly life is a gift that you get to open everyday don't waste a single moment of a single day, take life's challenge and conquer it!!!
- 99
◆ Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, appreciating the memories, and learning from the past.
- 99
◆ We will always have a reason or excuse behind any step or actions we take in our life, but instead of living in regret we can listen to our inner soul that knows our unique purpose which is trying to tell us to stop or move on.
- Kemmy Nola99
◆ Life is all about taking chances, appreciating the memories, learning from the past and finding happiness.
- Sushan Sharma99
◆ Life is too short to just wait for things to happen, you need to make things happen.
- Akila Sultana99
◆ Take every chance u got to be happy... because life is too short to hesitate.
- Blaze Olamiday99
◆ Have you ever gotten lost in the eyes of the person you love? You feel like the whole world just disappears around you. You feel like you know every thing about them and what they are all about. Their flaws, weakness and the pain they might have been through. You feel like there is something there. But your so scared to fall in love, your scared you'll get hurt. Well don't be. If you feel like you guys might have a chance, you do . They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and now you know why.
- Samantha Skye99

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