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◆ Yeah it's cheezy hoe, I'm so cheezy hoe my swag got high cholesterol.
- Childish Gambino99
◆ Im special with decimals. I'm tryna get my point across.
- Chiddy Bang99
◆ I'm in box like G-mail, I get head I need tail.
- Chiddy Bang99
◆ I cause more drama than a naked chick in the Vatican.
- Ruggedman99
◆ The suns syndicate, fat as biggie with no pun intended.
- Blu99
◆ Fill you with so much lead you can use your dick as a pencil.
- Big L99
◆ Even if I married your moms, you still wouldn't step son.
- Mode 999
◆ Ask beavis I get nothing but butt-head.
- Big L99
◆ Welcome all of yall to my dark recesses this is where I keep my BARS like bathtub ledges.
- Lupe Fiasco99
◆ Life is a bitch, but God forbid that bitch divorce me, cover myself in so much ice, not even hell fire can scorch me.
- Nas99
◆ Leave you in the middle of nowhere like the letter 'H.'
- Copywrite99
◆ Its a cold world and am hot headed so I dont need a head warmer.
- Mode 999
◆ I jerk off inside books and give life to words, leaving concepts stuck together you probably never heard.
- Immortal Tech99
◆ I take off like I've been stripping all my life.
- Jay Z99
◆ I leave ya family mourning like breakfast.
- Papoose99

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