Public policy quotes

◆ Much of the self-righteous nonsense that abounds on so many subjects cannot stand up to three questions: (1) Compared to what? (2) At what cost? and (3) What are the hard facts?
- Thomas Sowell100
◆ Wishful thinking is not sound public policy.
- Bjorn Lomborg99
◆ I'm pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from Fox.
- Evan Bayh99
◆ Our Founding Fathers would shudder to see how easily forces outside the mainstream now seem to effortlessly push some Senate leaders toward conduct the American people don't want from their elected leaders: Abusing power. Inserting the government into our private lives. Injecting religion into debates about public policy. Jumping through hoops to ingratiate themselves to their partys base, while step by step, day by day, real problems that keep American families up at night fall by the wayside here in Washington.
- Senator John Kerry99
◆ Racial discrimination does not always violate public policy.
- Trent Lott99
◆ I believe honor thy mother and father is not just a good commandment to live by, it is good public policy to govern by. That is why I feel so strongly about Medicare.
- Barbara Mikulski99
◆ The greatest difference between now and 1964, when I began teaching, is that public policy has pretty much eradicated the dream of Martin Luther King.
- Jonathan Kozol99
◆ Global Warming: It is a hoax. It is bad science. It is high-jacking public policy. It is the greatest scam in history.
- John Coleman99
◆ Avoid any specific discussion of public policy at public meetings.
- Quintus Tullius Cicero99
◆ Everything that Bush touches turns to manure in public policy.
- Alec Baldwin99

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