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◆ A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on.
- William S Burroughs99
◆ The human mind is indeed a cave swarming with strange forms of life, most of them unconscious and unilluminated. Unless we can understand something as to how the motives that issue from this obscurity are generated, we can hardly hope to foresee or control them.
- Charles Horton Cooley99
◆ Psychoanalysis can unravel some of the forms of madness; it remains a stranger to the sovereign enterprise of unreason. It can neither limit nor transcribe, nor most certainly explain, what is essential in this enterprise.
- Michel Foucault99
◆ It might be said of psychoanalysis that if you give it your little finger it will soon have your whole hand.
- Sigmund Freud99
◆ The difference between psychiatrists and other mentally disturbed people is something like the relationship between concave and convex madness.
- Karl Kraus99

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