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◆ There is constantly going to be people in your life that just really piss you off. However, there will also always be the opportunity to respond, and it is how you respond that ultimately defines you as a person.
- Andie Parkinson99
◆ Just because I don't fight back doesn't mean I'm weak. It means I am mature enough to know that anger wont solve anything...
- Suman Rai99
◆ Only in math problems can you buy 60 cantaloupes and nobody asks what the hell is wrong with you.
- 99
◆ No matter how upset we get, be wise, breathe and walk away. Never say anything to hurt another, do not become your own worst enemy. Treat others as you want to be treated. It is our birthright to be kind, when you change, the whole world change with you.
- 99
◆ Many problems in this world can easily be solved if people start talking TO each other instead of talking ABOUT each other.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ Sometimes you have to take your own advice and apply it to your own problems.
- Senora Roy99
◆ Pushing away the people who care the most isn't going to solve your problems, its only going to make them harder.
- 99
◆ Dear math, grow up and solve your own stupid problems I'm sick and tired of doing it for you!
- 99
◆ Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy
- Ritu Ghatourey99
◆ For every problem there's a challenge, for every challenge there's a solution.
- Aman Dhanda99
◆ Years of education, solving tough problems, handling complex issues, yet we take a while standing before glass doors thinking whether to Push or Pull.
- Ash Sweeney99
◆ You will never solve problems using the same thinking you created them with.
- Albert Einstein99
◆ A perfect relationship is not that you never get angry or upset with each other! It is how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal...
- 99
◆ I've realized that instead of posting all my problems on Facebook, its better to find solutions for them on Google.
- Barbara Franco99
◆ Just because I dont fight back doesnt mean Im weak. It means Im mature enough to know that anger wont solve anything.
- Nayely Saldana99

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