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◆ I'm PRO-LIFE. You know, that radical belief that a baby is actually a human life. If you want to be pro-choice, choose to close your legs.
- 100
◆ If you support the death penalty, you forfeit all right to refer to yourself as 'Pro-life.'
- 99
◆ Strippers are all hippy dippy, free-spirited liberals until you get them pregnant, and then all of a sudden they're super pro-life...
- 99
◆ The only time Democrats won't use children as a prop is at a pro-life rally.
- Greg Gutfeld99
◆ 'm Pro Life but I have a problem with deep Pro-life people who have no comment on banning assault weapons that r killing innocent people
- 99
◆ I think it's funny that most people who claim to be 'pro life' are also pro gun. And by funny I mean sad. And by people I mean morons.
- 99
◆ You're not pro-life. You're pro-controlling people's lives. The position you advocate is a form of fascism and its been dead for years.
- 99
◆ I really hate the term 'pro life' as if women who have abortions are against life all together.
- 99
◆ Conservatives are pro-life because they want live babies so they can raise them up to be dead soldiers.
- 99
◆ My 1st wife was vehemently pro-life until my girlfriend got pregnant.
- 99
◆ In the US Bible Belt, you can be pro-death penalty, pro-gun, pro-war, pro-drone and still proclaim that you're Pro-life.
- 99
◆ You're NOT pro-life if you advocate violence against abortion providers. You're a hypocritical douche-bag.
- 99
◆ Too many people in America believe that if you are pro-choice that means pro-abortion. It doesn't. I don't want abortion. Abortion should be the rarest thing in the world. I am actually personally opposed to abortion. But I don't believe that I have a right to take what is an article of faith to me and legislate it to other people. That's not how it works in America.
- Senator John Kerry99
◆ I should have known better. Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact.
- Stanley Fish99
◆ Maybe the best way to get people to be pro-life is to start 'em off in amateur-life.
- Brian Celio99

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