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◆ Being nice to someone you have an issue with doesn't mean you are fake...it means someone taught you how to be polite.
- Louise Angela Deseles99
◆ Kindness is not a virtue when you sacrifice the truth to achieve it.
- Drew Istotle98
◆ Politeness is organized indifference
- Paul Valery98
◆ Politeness is the poison of collaboration
- Edwin Land98
◆ Politeness is one of those advantages which we never estimate rightly but by the inconvenience of its loss
- Samuel Johnson98
◆ Politeness is what warmth is to wax
- German Proverb98
◆ Politeness is the art of choosing among one's real thoughts.
- Abel Stevens98
◆ Politeness is the art of choosing among your thoughts
- Madame De Stael98
◆ Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.
- Arthur Schopenhauer98
◆ Be sincere; be brief; be seated.
- Franklin D Roosevelt98
◆ Politeness is organized indifference.
- Paul Valery98
◆ It is wise to apply the oil of refined politeness to the mechanism of friendship.
- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette98

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