Persecution quotes

◆ The greatest talent you can possess is forgiveness of those who persecute and hate you.
- 100
◆ Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law
- Thomas Paine99
◆ Persecution is the first law of society because it is always easier to suppress criticism than to meet it
- Howard Mumford Jones99
◆ Cruel persecutions and intolerance are not accidents, but grow out of the very essence of religion, namely, its absolute claims
- Morris Cohen99
◆ It is folly for an eminent man to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected with it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, and indeed of every age in the world, have passed through this fiery persecution.
- Joseph Addison99

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