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◆ Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.
- Albert Camus99
◆ We are consciousness examining and expressing itself so that it can become increasingly aware of its infinite capacity for being and evolving.
- Jay Woodman98
◆ Whatever you do don't let anybody talk you into doing something about the way you look ever.
- John Casablancas98
◆ Our mind has its own ideal time, which is no other but the consciousness of the progressive development of our beings.
- August Wilhelm von Schlegel98
◆ I told myself 'Everything is a being! The shout that passes into the air is an entity like an animal, since it is born, produces a movement, and is again transformed, in order to die. So the fearful mind that believes in incorporeal beings is not wrong. What are they?
- Guy de Maupassant98
◆ ... the divine knowing - what the Father knows, and what the Word says in response to that knowing, and what the Spirit broods upon under the speaking of the Word - all that eternal intellectual activity isn't just daydreaming. It's the cause of everything that is. God doesn't find out about creation; he knows it into being. His knowing has hair on it. It is an effective act. What he knows, is. What he thinks, by the very fact of his thinking, jumps from no-thing into thing. He never thought of anything that wasn't.
- Robert Farrar Capon98
◆ Man, as a form, bears within him the eternal principle of being, and by economic movement along his endless path his form is also transformed, just as everything that lives in nature was transformed in him.
- Kazimir Severinovich Malevich98
◆ If we do not know the character of being itself - I have never seen anyone suggest that we do know it - then there is an inevitable superficiality in any claim to an exhaustive description of anything that participates in being. And the assertion of the existence, or the nonexistence, of God is the ultimate exhaustive description.
- Marilynne Robinson98
◆ Try to choose carefully, Arren, when the great choices must be made. {...} But each deed you do, each act, binds you to itself and to its consequences, and makes you act again and yet again. Then very seldom do you come upon a space, a time like this, between act and act, when you may stop and simply be.
- Ursula K. Le Guin98
◆ Stillness offers an experience of being and a recognition that being . . . my essence . . . is a part of all Being, all Essence.
- Nancy J. Napier98
◆ There is a horror that sometimes comes with being right.
- Samantha98
◆ Le voile est essentielle pour le monde, soit par l'organisme, ou au moyen de la connaissance
- AainaA-Ridtz98
◆ ...mert maguk voltak a létezés, mik?zben a létezésb?l mégis ki voltak zárva, vagyis oly k?zel estek a létezéshez, hogy azonossá váltak vele, és a létezés nem látszik soha, így hát ha itt voltak is, amikor nem voltak itt, bel?lük soha nem maradt semmi, csak a vágyakozás, hogy j?jjenek, csak a félelem, hogy j?nni fognak, csak az emlékük maradt, hogy jártak itt, de a legfájóbb az volt, nézett f?l Genji herceg unokája az égre, hogy amelyik egyszer itt volt, az soha t?bbé nem j?tt vissza.
- László Krasznahorkai98
◆ Love is not about finding the right person, but about being the right person.
- Bryant McGill98
◆ We are clay and nothing is real for us except the uncanny womb of Being into which we shall return.
- Iris Murdoch98

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