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◆ You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
- Henry David Thoreau100
◆ Be your character what it will, it will be known, and nobody will take it upon your word.
- Lord Chesterfield100
◆ Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.
- Arthur Schopenhauer99
◆ Every man, as to character, is the creature of the age in which he lives. Very few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of their times.
- Voltaire99
◆ It is of little traits that the greatest human character is composed.
- William Winter99
◆ Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything.
- Walt Whitman99
◆ Character is, for the most part, simply habit become fixed.
- C. H. Parkhurst99
◆ We are builders of our own characters. We have different positions, spheres, capacities, privileges, different work to do in the world, different temporal fabrics to raise; but we are all alike in this, -- all are architects of fate.
- John Fothergill Waterhouse Ware99
◆ Character is, in the long run, the decisive factor in the life of individuals and of nations alike.
- Theodore Roosevelt99
◆ Actions, looks, words and steps form the alphabet by which you may spell character.
- Johann Kasper Lavater99
◆ Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do.
- William Henry Channing99
◆ Let us not say, Every man is the architect of his own fortune; but let us say, Every man is the architect of his own character.
- George Dana Boardman99
◆ Fate is character.
- William Winter99
◆ Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson99
◆ Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.
- Marcus Aurelius99

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