Obscurity quotes

◆ Obscurity and competence: That is the life that is worth living.
- Mark Twain100
◆ He who has lived obscurely and quietly has lived well.
- Ovid99
◆ Our social and professional demands keep our mind highly active, absorbing most of our attention. Cluttering of mind obscures the higher Self. Our mind occupies the primary circuit and our consciousness remains enveloped by ego. Therefore, withdraw yourself from such mental activities and enjoy silence and aloneness at frequent intervals. Practicing this distances us from mental chaos and creates inner space for the Self to manifest. Once you do this, the ground is created for recurrent manifestation of Self.
- Dhruva Bhargava99
◆ More significant than the fact that poets write abstrusely, painters paint abstractly, and composers compose unintelligible music is that people should admire what they cannot understand; indeed, admire that which has no meaning or principle.
- Eric Hoffer99

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