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◆ You could hear the wind in the leaves, and on that wind traveled the screams of the kids on the playground in the distance, little kids figuring out how to be alive, how to navigate a world that wasn't made for them by navigating a playground that was.
- John Green99
◆ Destiny is real. And she's not mild-mannered. She will come around and hit you in the face and knock you over and before you know what hit you, you're naked- stripped of everything you thought you knew and everything you thought you didn't know- and there you are! A bloody nose, bruises all over you, and naked. And it's the most beautiful thing.
- C. JoyBell C.99
◆ And as He spoke, He no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them. And for us this the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the beginning of the real story. All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.
- C.S. Lewis99
◆ A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul
- Karl Lagerfeld99
◆ I'm wearing dead cotton on my limbs and a blush of roses on my face.
- Tahereh Mafi99
◆ I recall certain moments, let us call them icebergs in paradise, when after having had my fill of her –after fabulous, insane exertions that left me limp and azure-barred–I would gather her in my arms with, at last, a mute moan of human tenderness (her skin glistening in the neon light coming from the paved court through the slits in the blind, her soot-black lashes matted, her grave gray eyes more vacant than ever–for all the world a little patient still in the confusion of a drug after a major operation)–and the tenderness would deepen to shame and despair, and I would lull and rock my lone light Lolita in my marble arms, and moan in her warm hair, and caress her at random and mutely ask her blessing, and at the peak of this human agonized selfless tenderness (with my soul actually hanging around her naked body and ready to repent), all at once, ironically, horribly, lust would swell again–and 'oh, no,' Lolita would say with a sigh to heaven, and the next moment the tenderness and the azure–all would be shattered.
- Vladimir Nabokov99
◆ Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.
- Criss Jami99
◆ She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul. She is beautiful.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald99
◆ Don't let them say you ain't beautiful. They can all get fu#ked just stay true to you.
- Eminem99
◆ It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed.
- Kazuo Ishiguro99
◆ Sometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.
- Shannon L. Alder99
◆ The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty
- Sophia Nam99
◆ After all the world is indeed beautiful and if we were any other creature than man we might be continuously happy in it.
- Sebastian Barry99
◆ The most beautiful thing to hear when you tell someone you love them is not them saying I love you back but them simply replying I know you do.
- Anurag Prakash Ray99
◆ Remember, we usually can't choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it. Make yours a beautiful memory.
- 99

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