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◆ Unless we have a well-educated people, we're vulnerable on our national security.
- Mark Hatfield100
◆ The War on Terror is one of the most critical national security efforts in our history.
- Sue Kelly99
◆ How we treat the earth basically effects our social welfare and our national security.
- Jim Fowler99
◆ We know that the most fundamental responsibility of our Federal Government is to ensure the safety of its people and to protect and ensure our National security. And clearly port security has been left in limbo.
- Vito Fossella99
◆ I think in national security, the war in Iraq is troublesome and a difficult challenge, but our troops and the military leaders we have are managing that situation, although it continues to be very risky and very dangerous.
- Thad Cochran99
◆ I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.
- Jim Garrison99
◆ We need not renounce the use of conventional force. We will be ready to repel any clear and present danger that poses a genuine threat to our national security and survival.
- Theodore C Sorensen99
◆ You can't get closer to the heart of national sovereignty than national security and intelligence services.
- Gijs De Vries99
◆ We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
- Barack Obama99
◆ Clearly, border security has been the top domestic issue of the year, and rightly so. Securing our borders is an essential aspect of our national security.
- Randy Neugebauer99
◆ President Bush has a track record of making the right decisions when it comes to national security.
- Randy Neugebauer99
◆ Fundamentally, I believe that the U.S. can improve its international standing and its national security by expanding trade and strengthening its relationships with moderate Muslim countries.
- Richard Neal99
◆ Our ports are a vital link in national security and it is extremely dangerous to be considering their sale to the United Arab Emirates government.
- Joe Donnelly99
◆ One half of the world's people live on less than two dollars a day. This should concern our national security policy as well as our conscience.
- Lee H Hamilton99
◆ I believe that successfully addressing our national security needs while protecting our basic freedoms and civil liberties requires continual Congressional oversight, and I will continue to work to assert the role of this body in carrying out this grave responsibility.
- Patrick J Kennedy99

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