Maxim quotes

◆ All maxims have their antagonist maxims; proverbs should be sold in pairs, a single one being but a half truth
- William Mathews100
◆ Few maxims are true in every respect
- Vauvenargues Marquis De99
◆ A collection of anecdotes and maxims is the greatest of treasures for the man of the world, for he knows how to intersperse conversation with the former in fit places, and to recollect the latter on proper occasions
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe99
◆ Symbologists often remarked that France-a country renowned for machismo, womanizing, and diminutive insecure leaders like Napoleon and Pepin the Short-could not have chosen a more apt national emblem than a thousand-foot phallus.
- Dan Brown99
◆ It is unbecoming for young men to utter maxims.
- Aristotle99
◆ It is more trouble to make a maxim than it is to do right
- Mark Twain99

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