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◆ Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that you don't recover. Instead, you learn to incorporate their absence and memories into your life and channel your emotional energy toward others, and eventually, your grief will walk beside you instead of consuming you.
- Rashida Rowe100
◆ At the end of the day, when we leave this world, the only valuable legacy we leave behind, is the love we gave to others and the love others gave to us.
- Rashida Rowe99
◆ Take good care of your REPUTATION, It's going to live longer than YOU.
- Anmol Andore99
◆ Be known for your footprints and not fingerprints.
- 99
◆ When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets. Leave something to remember, so they wont forget I was here.
- Beyonce99
◆ It is very sad to me that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world, that they dont care if that mark is a scar.
- John Green99
◆ Living to create an earthly legacy is a short-sighted goal. A wiser use of time is to build an eternal legacy.
- 99
◆ You have a voice don't be afraid to speak, live through your pen and create a legacy.
- Michael Kilby99
◆ Play for the name on the front of the jersey and they will remember the name on the back.
- Wayne Rooney99
◆ Remember that in the end, we get remembered for our character, attitude, and selflessness. The titles, perks, runs and wickets are secondary, and oh-so-fleeting.
- Prakah Iyer99
◆ We will not be remembered for who we are. We will be remembered for the things we did.
- Timothy Aaron Mangan99
◆ Mans greatest fear is to be forgotten, to leave a legacy is to say 'Don't forget me.'
- Dellah Campbell99
◆ Though I may not be able to leave my children a fortune when I die...may I leave them a legacy of truth, honor, compassion....and the knowledge that I gave them all of my heart!
- Kevin Messick99
◆ I'm going to be known for generations to come... Not as an icon, not as a legend, but as a legacy! My mom is going to be so proud of me!
- Chris Jericho99
◆ The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.
- George Washington99

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