Land quotes

◆ Come spirit, help us sing the story of our land. -Pocahontas
- Pocahontas100
◆ My grandpa taught me how to live off the land.
- Hank Williams Jr99
◆ Where lies the land, to which the ship would go? Far, far ahead is all, her seamen know. And where the land she travels from? Away, far far behind, is all that they can say.
- Arthur Hugh Clough99
◆ Where water is boss, the land must obbey
- African Proverb99
◆ Horses make a landscape look beautiful.
- Alice Walker99
◆ Peace is much more precious than a piece of land... let there be no more wars.
- Anwar Sadat99
◆ Congress has an obligation to protect our country's natural beauty, embodied in our nation's parks, rivers, and breathtaking landscapes.
- Dave Reichert99
◆ For me nature is not landscape, but the dynamism of visual forces.
- Bridget Riley99
◆ I've always said to my men friends, If you really care for me, darling, you will give me territory. Give me land, give me land.
- Eartha Kitt99
◆ This land may be profitable to those that will adventure it.
- Henry Hudson99
◆ The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our fore fathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.
- Mahatma Gandhi99
◆ A wealthy man owns little land and rarely sees money, he lives humbly without desire and love in abundant supply.
- Harry Lewis99

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