Ira disarmament quotes

◆ This may be the day when finally after all the false dawns and dashed hope, peace replaced war, politics replaces terror on the island of Ireland. ... This is a step of unparalleled magnitude in the recent history of Northern Ireland.
- Tony Blair100
◆ Hopefully, this statement means we're finally nearing the end of this very long process to take guns and criminality out of politics in Northern Ireland once and for all.
- Edward Kennedy99
◆ If the IRA's words are borne out by verified actions, it will be a momentous and historic development.
- Bertie Ahern99
◆ We understand that many, especially victims and their families, will be skeptical. ... They will want to be certain that this terrorism and criminality are indeed things of the past.
- Scott McCellan99
◆ Today's decision by the IRA to move into a new peaceful mode is historic and represents a courageous and confident initiative. It is truly momentous and is a defining point in the search for a lasting peace with justice.
- Gerry Adams99

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