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◆ God, grant me the serenity to accept the stupid people as they are, the courage to maintain self-control and the wisdom to know that if I act on it, I will end up in jail.
- 100
◆ Most of us actually stifle enough good impulses during the course of a day to change the current of our lives.
- William Moulton Marston99
◆ Impulses are hard to come by these days.
- Jack Levine99
◆ I was a crazy young man who let himself be blinded by his passions and obeyed only the impulses of the moment.
- Gustav Mahler99
◆ When the impulses which stir us to profound emotion are integrated with the medium of expression, every interview of the soul may become art. This is contingent upon mastery of the medium.
- Hans Hofmann99
◆ The art of living consists in knowing which impulses to obey and which must be made to obey.
- Sydney J Harris99
◆ Often, when I want to consult my impulses, I cannot find them.
- Mason Cooley99
◆ When you become successful on the level that Fleetwood Mac did, it gives you financial freedom, which should allow you to follow your impulses. But oddly enough, they become much harder to follow.
- Lindsey Buckingham99
◆ The creative impulses of man are always at war with the possessive impulses.
- Van Wyck Brooks99
◆ Mindful meditation has been discovered to foster the ability to inhibit those very quick emotional impulses.
- Daniel Goleman99
◆ All these primary impulses, not easily described in words, are the springs of man's actions.
- Albert Einstein99
◆ Love, like fire, cannot subsist without constant impulse; it ceases to live from the moment it ceases to hope or to fear
- Francois La Rochefoucauld99
◆ There is only one honest impulse at the bottom of Puritanism, and that is the impulse to punish the man with a superior capacity for happiness
- Henry Louis Mencken99
◆ A man's moral worth is not measured by what his religious beliefs are but rather by what emotional impulses he has received from Nature during his lifetime
- Albert Einstein99
◆ The human spirit sublimates the impulses it thwarts; a healthy sex life mitigates the lust for other sports.
- Piet Hein99

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