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◆ A relationship is only for two people, but some bitches don't know how to count.
- 99
◆ This is a rake and shovel conversation we don't need a hoe.
- 98
◆ BREAKING NEWS: No one gives a fuck, so stop begging for attention, fishing for compliments, and acting like a whore.
- 98
◆ Guys stop asking for faithful girls, when you're too busy chasing hoes.
- Christian Franco98
◆ X's and O's for my ex's and hoes.
- Jessie Jakeway98
◆ I'm scared to be in a relationship, again...There's just too many hoes & bros trying to ruin that shit for you.
- Emilio Vasquez98
◆ Yolo is not an excuse to slut around.
- Alex Wassabi98
◆ If you were a cookie, you'd be a whoreo.
- 98
◆ Just because I flirt doesn't mean I'm a hoe. Unlike you, I learn to say no.
- 98
◆ One loyal girlfriend is worth more than one hundred hoes.
- 98
◆ A relationship does not stop a slut from being a slut.
- 98
◆ Some girls are like community colleges...Even if you're not the smartest guy, you probably still get in.
- 98
◆ I'm not saying you're easy, but when I look up something to do in your town it gives me your address.
- 98
◆ Did it hurt when you fell from the top of the whore tree and banged every guy on the way down?
- 98
◆ Hoes want my title. Aint a slot for you. Its a cold world; Ill keep it hot for you.
- 98

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