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◆ I'm not heartless, I've just learned how to use my heart less...
- Drake100
◆ Some people are just heartless, they just love hurting others but when you come across the wrong one they might beat you to the punch.
- Rasheed Bryant99
◆ Best way to not get your heart broken, is to pretend you don't have one.
- 99
◆ You'll never change, the games that you play, it's just who you are. And I have to believe, It's you and not me, you're a boy without a heart.
- JoJo99
◆ Those who are heartless once cared too much.
- Daisy Lowe99
◆ When I saw you with that girl, that look you saw on my face wasn't jealousy. It was simply me trying not to laugh.
- 99
◆ Don't worry I'm not jealous when I see you with another girl because I was taught to give my unwanted toys to the less fortunate
- 99
◆ I am who I am - and sweety your approval is not needed
- 99
◆ I am a woman, not a princess. I have an attitude, opinions, and a very loud voice. I am not a liar or a cheat. I am independent, intelligent, and strong.
- 99
◆ They sit there an gossip about me an spread lies like they spread their legs. But I sit back thinking man I've got a fan club, How can I piss em off next?
- 99
◆ What pisses you off more? the fact that I'm happy or the fact that your not?!
- 99
◆ Sometimes I really want to punch you, but then I realize you have to look in the mirror every day and that's punishment enough.
- 99
◆ Sweet as sugar...hard as ice...hurt me once...i'll kill u twice
- 99
◆ I'm gonna try to be in a good mood. It may work, or it may cause me to go crazy and attack the next person who stares at me funny...
- 99
◆ I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.
- Goku99

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