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◆ Struggle is the enemy, but weed is the remedy.
- Kid Cudi100
◆ Catch me smoking weed where the Wild things are.
- Mac Miller99
◆ A friend with weed is a friend indeed.
- 99
◆ I was about to write a good quote but then I got high and forgot it.
- 99
◆ I was gonna go to class, before I got high. I coulda cheated and I coulda passed, but I got high. I am taking it next semester... and I know why.
- Afroman99
◆ I was gonna go to work, but then I got high. I just got a new promotion, but I got high. Now I'm selling dope... and I know why.
- Afroman99
◆ They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.
- Bill Hicks99
◆ Don't do drugs because if you do drugs you'll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison.
- John Hardwick99
◆ If you ain't got a good job and you ain't smokin' weed, then I dont know what the fuck you are doin' wit your life.
- Katt Williams99
◆ When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.
- Bob Marley99
◆ Just hit the blunt one time and see if it don't change your perception on whats important in your life.
- Katt Williams99
◆ Discussin' life and all our common goals, smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll.
- Drake99
◆ I be getting high just to balance out the lows.
- Drake99
◆ Let ya hair blow in the breeze roll some bomb ass weed.
- Wiz Khalifa99
◆ Puff puff pass wit cha b*tch ass, Back in High School smoke week when I cut class, And now I'm an addict.
- Kid Cudi99

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