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◆ Be the boy you want your daughter to date. Be the man you want your son to be. Be the guy your partner wished for; a Gentleman.
- Nghi Lam100
◆ A wise man knows when he has a special lady. He always puts her first, and never puts her last! Once in awhile he buys her roses, and flowers to show romance, and appreciation of having her in his life. Everyday he tells her how beautiful she is, and how much he love's her. He's not only a wise man hes a real man. Because a real man is a gentleman!
- Bryan Burden99
◆ If you still carry her bags, open the door for her, tell her that shes beautiful, and show her're a real man.
- Drake99
◆ A boy makes YOU jealous of another woman, but a gentleman makes another woman jealous of YOU.
- 99
◆ The boyfriends who still hold bags, open doors, tell their girlfriends they're beautiful and show respect like real men.
- 99
◆ My duty as a gentleman has never interfered with my pleasures in the smallest degree.
- Oscar Wilde99
◆ Maybe more men would stand up and be gentlemen if more women would sit down and be ladies.
- 99
◆ A guy is a boy by birth, a man by age, but a gentleman by choice.
- 99
◆ Gentlemen, be courteous to the old maids, no matter how poor and plain and prim, for the only chivalry worth having is that which is the readiest to to pay deference to the old, protect the feeble, and serve womankind, regardless of rank, age, or color.
- Louisa May Alcott99
◆ Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age but being a gentlemen is a matter of choice.
- Drake99
◆ Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.
- 99
◆ Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen.
- Robert Mugabe99
◆ I am as innocent regarding any conspiracy as any of you gentlemen in the room.
- Jack Ruby99
◆ Gentlemen, it is better to have died as a small boy than to fumble this football.
- John Heisman99
◆ Questioning is not the mode of conversation among gentlemen
- Samuel Johnson99

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