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◆ The longer you live, the more you will begin to understand who you actually are and what you are capable of doing.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ Sometimes, you have to run away from the people you love, not for the sake of letting them realize your worth, but for you to realize your own worth.
- 99
◆ If you're not happy being single, you'll never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it!
- 99
◆ Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don't be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who lift you up, and cut loose the ones who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally know who you are.
- Ritu Ghatourey99
◆ You are a person, beautiful and unique... express yourself, strengthen yourself, kick yourself, wet yourself with tears, dry yourself with confidence, be who you are, do what you want, say how you feel, love like its real, never let anyone suppress you, never let anything make you believe your life isn't worth living...
- 99
◆ The hardest and toughest thing to be in this life, of which your mind and outside opinions of others are continually waring against; is to be your complete self. You cannot be yourself, if you don't know who you are. And you cannot know who you are, if you don't know where you come from. This is our only battle and quest in this life; to find out who we are and where we come from. Survival is just secondary. Go beyond your human knowledge of who you think you are; your life's journey starts from this point. Life is waiting for you to discover the realization of who you are. Start your journey, in search for the truth of you. Don't abandon the search, because the only truth that you need to discover, is the truth of you; that's what that empty void inside of all of us is about. Don't abandon the search of discovering the truth about you. There will be many truths along your path; but there is only one. Don't settle for any other truths until your void is filled.
- Geraldine Vermaak99
◆ Self-respect, Self-control and, Self-esteem are all parts of someones dignity.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ Being alone doesn't mean you have to be sad and feel lonely most of the time. Instead, make that time as your precious time, to meditate, to evaluate yourself, to analyze what's going on around you. To trace the path you wan to go, to figure out the things you want to do, and to improve your abilities and skills with your own. So, never be desperate when you are alone, but give it value and use it for yourself, to finalize what you really want.
- Janet Reolope99
◆ When you finally escape the hold your abuser has on your mind you get a whole new outlook on life. There's an overwhelming sense of FREEDOM you get while finding yourself once again. You'll want to do things you haven't been able to do for a while. Its like being set free from prison. And sometimes being alone never felt so good!
- 99
◆ I don't think the worst part about this was losing you. It was losing me.
- Taylor Swift99
◆ I'm just one of those girls who doesn't know what she wants. Doesn't know what she needs. Doesn't know what she truly believes. I'm just one of those girls who wants to make everyone else happy. I don't care if I feel crappy. I'm just one of those girls who looks like they have it all figured out, but really doesn't know if I'm doing anything right.
- Francine Chiar99
◆ Revealing the truth about yourself may cause you to lose the person you want, but if you want him to love you, you surely want him to love the real you, not someone you're pretending to be.
- Jerry Springer99
◆ I'm just a normal person like you growing up, living my life, trying to figure out what life really is.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ You don't need to be in a relationship to be complete. You're complete because of who you are not because of who you're with.
- 99

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