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◆ If you don't do anything stupid when you're young, you won't remember something funny when you're old...
- 100
◆ I'll act my age when I'm 69.
- 99
◆ Back then I was so young and naive, I couldn't tell from the wrong to the right. Now Im living a life with regrets and wanted to start all over again.
- Wazim Shaw99
◆ A teenager is someone who is well prepared for a zombie attack but not ready for tomorrows math test.
- 99
◆ Just because I'm younger, doesn't make you wiser.
- Mary Gaohlee Thao99
◆ Some people are like trees, they take forever to grow up.
- Ana Sandoval99
◆ Just because I'm young, doesn't mean I don't know anything about life, I've been through too much not to know, but I'm still learning everyday its ups and downs.
- 99
◆ We're young. We dont need a girl or boy to hold & kiss. We wont always be able to relax and be kids, but we'll always be able to love. So I'm gonna go out there and live in this world, leave my mark and make a difference. Because in 5 years we will want to rewind. So stop worrying about your girl/boy. Now is the time of our lives, lets make mistakes, not care & have memories that will never fade. Live it up and live it crazy. Drop the drama, screw the calories, and never question your actions. Make history.
- Mickey Anderson99
◆ You can't be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy.
- Chris Brown99
◆ To be old & have to be young & stupid.
- 99
◆ That awkward moment when a 10 year old kid says; When I was a kid.
- 99
◆ I'm young & I'm hopeless, I'm lost & I know this, I'm going nowhere fast that's what they say, I'm troublesome, I've fallen, I'm angry any way, it's me against this world and I'll never give up.
- 99
◆ I may age, but, my heart and mind will forever be set as a kid.
- 99
◆ Being Young means making mistakes, they don't define us, they just help shape us and the best part? those crazy insane and slightly hysterical mistakes we make...make the best stories!
- 99
◆ So what we go out? Thats how its supposed to be, living young and wild and free.
- Bruno Mars99

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