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◆ The worst feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by some one you trusted.
- Abhishek Tiwari100
◆ Caring was the only thing I ever did when we were friends. The minute you turned your back is the minute I realized I deserved better.
- 99
◆ You can be the nicest person, try your best to please everyone, but at the end of the day all your efforts still go unappreciated!
- Rashida Rowe99
◆ When you're always there for people they stop appreciating you because your FAVORS are now an EXPECTATION.
- Sonya Parker99
◆ Loving the wrong person doesn't mean you're stupid. it was stupid of that person not to appreciate your love.
- Aman Dhanda99
◆ Staying with someone who doesn't appreciate you isn't loyalty, it's stupidity.
- 99
◆ People don't understand the things you do for them until you stop doing it...
- 99
◆ When everyone else was talking' smack, I defended you. When everyone else left, I was there. When nobody cared, I loved you. But I guess it wasn't enough.
- Nishan Panwar99
◆ You wanna know what's getting old? Being there for you, having your back, helping you through everything, going outta my way to keep you happy, and getting treated like shit in return...
- Francine Chiar99
◆ How would we feel if someone never talked to us till they wanted something? God has feelings too.
- 99
◆ You had me, you took me for granted, you lost me... Now you want me back, I'm not coming back!
- 99
◆ Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence .
- 99
◆ People never remember the million times you help them, only the one time you don't.
- 99
◆ I just can't understand one thing-how can you act like you don't care, after everything we went trough? While I'm here, thinking about you all day long, while I'm making myself a joke to impress you, while I wake up every morning, with my eyes hurt from last night tears about you and painting a fake smile, while I'm doing anything to get your attention, only one word, only one smile, only one little look from you...
- 99
◆ Had one of them days where I've actually had beyound enough. Fed up of being unappreciated.
- 99

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