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It came from above

- by Ralph Quinonez 59

Looking around and longing for love,
The love that I want, is from the Lord up above.
He is my strength and all that I need,
The love of a lifetime, we will all surely agree.
He inspires us daily, and everyone knows,
His everlasting light, the spirit he gives us will always flow.
Look at all of the beauty that he has created,
All that we want and need, just as the Lord had stated.
His promises to us are oh so true,
As we walk in his path and wait in his view.
A place he has for us, our just reward.
Only comes from within our Savior our Holy Lord.
We must follow his word until he comes back
The enemy will tempt us, will try to attack.
Give the Lord all you have, all of your heart.
He will keep you safe and he will never part.
Do what he willed for us, his blood flowed for our sins.
We thought that was the end, but that's where he begins.
Looking about and longing for love.
I found what I needed it came from above.Religious Quote


- by Timmy Thomas 58

Through this life I am continually fleeing
Trying to escape without anyone seeing
A day here and a night there, no matter where I go
I continue to feel the conviction grow
Why am I running when there is no place to hide?
For I have seen that no matter where I go, He sees me with His condemning eyes
I am becoming weak and at my lowest point, yet I continue running and trying to flee
Feeling more and more convicted of the sin within me
And why am I feeling such in-depth pain?
It is because I fooled myself into thinking "I" could make it all go away
Only was it then when I saw how lost I was
Did I see that with those condemning eyes came His redeeming love
I realized that only through Him was there life
And only through His Son could I win the fight
I accepted Him as my Savior that day
Willingly becoming a sheep that He, the Great Shepherd, would not let stray
There are still times in which I fail
But due to my new life in Him, I will prevail
For no matter what I face throughout this life
As long as I trust Him, He'll carry me through the strife
Giving all of my dependency to Him that day
Changed my life forever, and with Him I'll ever stay.

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