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Latitude and longitude: 63.5444364,32.3938939
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The current page is: This website provides the latest World Maps query, with multiple options such as high-definition online maps and world topographic maps.

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Introduction to World Map

"From ancient times to the present, the world is called the world, and the upper and lower quarters are called the realm." The world is the general term for all time and space, and it usually refers to the earth on which humans live. The surface of the earth can be described by a map of the world.

Since Copernicus established the heliocentric theory in the 16th century, people have generally realized that the earth is one of the planets that revolve around the sun, and the eight planets including the earth constitute a planetary system that revolves around the sun—the main members of the solar system.

In the word world, "world" means time and "boundary" means space, covering the inseparability of time and space. This is exactly in line with Einstein's theory of relativity.